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Buy Sports Collar Stays from Hulas and look like a million bucks in your Polo Shirt

Buy Sports Collar Stays and look like a million bucks in your Polo shirts

We work hard to look our best in work and play.  We love our Polo shirts however not so much when the collar curls or wilts.  It’s a challenge unaddressed until now.  Let your Polo shirt be your first choice of the day, and wear it with confidence that your collar will look fresh and crisp and flat all day and night.  Sport Collar Stays are an inexpensive way to look like a million bucks for less than $11 dollars.


Designed for both men and women Sports Collar Stays are perfect product to keep your uniform collar stiff and rigid. They’ll help your collar lay flat and maintain a fresh professional look the entire day and evening. There are a number of collar stays on the market however very few address the curling or wilting collars of your favorite Polo shirt.  Available in Black, White, Grey, and Blue, Sports Collar Stays by Hulas have been designed specifically to resolve this problem.  Visit us at our on line store and wear your Polo shirts with confidence.


Sports Collar Stays are available in 4 colors, on the roll, sheets, and individual cartons.  The cartons make perfect gifts for friends and family.  Once you try them you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner!  Sports Collar Stays by Hulas LLC get them today at our on line store.