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Why should you buy Sports Collar Stays for your Polo Shirts?

Why should you purchase our Sports Collar Stays by Hulas?

Have you ever noticed how quickly your Polo shirt collar begins to curl shortly after you’ve put it on? How much time do you spend ironing and starching with very little success? Our Sports Collar Stays are specifically designed for Polo’s.  Easy to apply to the backside of the front of your collar, eliminating attempts to press that collar down forever.

How can Sport Collar Stays by Hulas make your Polo shirt look like a million buck?

Men and Women alike invest a lot of time to look their best.  Spring and summer means shorts and Polo’s.  Sports Collar Stays by Hulas come in three primary colors White, Grey, and Black.  They are super easy to apply.  They add just enough stiffness the collar needs to lay flat.  They remain in place until you remove them.  Look like a million buck for under $11 dollars.


Your close attention to the detail says a lot on your personality.   I believe we all do our best to present ourselves in our perception of our most positive light.  Let’s face it, Polo type sport shirt have always been a pain in the butt when it comes to keeping the collar flat.   Especially cotton!  The guitar pick shaped felt Spots Collar Stay fits neatly underneath the tips to your collar providing just enough firmness to hold the collar flat the entire time your wear the shirt.  I’ve been manufacturing my Sports Collars by Hulas for more than eight years now.  I can honestly say “you’ll never see me in a Polo type sport shirt without them”.    For less than $11 bucks, you will too!  buy-sports-collar-stays

Sports Collar Stays are available in three primary colors, White, Grey, and Black, and for a limited time blue is also available.  Currently our Sports Collars Stays by Hulas can only be purchased at our online store. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal is also available.   Come visit us at:  A small effort on your part goes a long way in defining your personality and style.