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Hulas Sports Collar Stays

Hulas how-to use

What are Hulas Sports Collar Stays?

Hulas Collar Stays are adhesive-backed felt tabs designed specifically to fit invisibly beneath your sports shirt collar (golf shirt, polo shirt, etc.), and keep it flat and sharp all day. No more wilting, curling or flapping.

How do Hulas Sports Collar Stays work?

Simply peel and stick Hulas Sports Collar Stays to the underside of your collar. The special adhesive holds the Hulas in place. Applying Hulas underneath the leading edge of your collar allows the collar to appear as though it just came off the hanger. And with Sports Collar Stays in place, your collar will stay that way all day! No more ironing and no more curling or wilting.

How long do Hulas Sports Collar Stays last?

Sports Collar Stays are reusable and depending on the sport shirt material, 3 to 5 reuses is reasonable before the adhesive is no longer effective.

Can I wash my Hulas Sports Collar Stays?

Your Sports Collar Stays should not be washed. Just like plastic or metal collar stays, Hulas should be removed before washing your shirt.

When would I wear Hulas Sports Collar Stays?

Wear your Sports Collar Stays whenever you wear a sports shirt. Sports Collar Stays will keep you looking sharp and put together all day long — no iron required. If you’re wearing a sports jacket over your shirt, your Sports Collar Stays will keep your collar smartly where it belongs, not rolling up under your blazer.

What colors are available for Hulas Collar Stays?

Sports Collar Stays are currently available in four colors, White, Black, Gray, and Blue. Custom colors are available as well, please contact us for more information.

Hulas Sports Collar Stays