Proudly made in America

Our Story

I originally created Sports Collar Stays by Hulas

for my own Polo shirts. Accustomed to the high standards of dress in the United States Air Force, I was determined to present the right image especially after transitioning to civilian life and the so-called casual Fridays that went with it. Curling, floppy collars on my sports shirts drove me nuts. I cut the first prototypes out of plastic and attached them to the back side of my collar with some two-sided carpet tape and headed off to the office.

It wasn’t long before I was making them for my friends and their friends and so on. The shape came about when a close buddy tossed me a guitar pick and the felt material followed. For production possibilities, I partnered with David Jeffery, the manufacturer of Micro Grip guitar picks. With a minimum of tooling changes, David’s production process for guitar picks proved a perfect match for the mass production of Sports Collar Stays. Working closely with David, I created a quality reproducible version of the stick-on stays, you see today. Sports Collar Stays by Hulas are made in the good old United States of America from A-Grade materials that offer the right balance of stiffness/rigidity and flexibility.

No one wants to look like a “Sloppy Joe.” There are sports shirt collars all over the world curling as we speak. Unless of course, you’re wearing my Sports Collars Stays! From the very first time you use my Sports Collar Stays, you’ll wonder how you ever walked out in public without them.